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Project management software for projects of any size or complexity.

Create Tenders To Win Business

To win business your tenders need to stand out from all the others to really impress your client and instil confidence in your plan.

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Develop Accurate Project Schedules

After winning the job you will want to refine the details to deliver the project including procurement plans and fully resourced costs.

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Manage Onsite Progress, Monitoring & Reporting

As the project moves forward, keeping track of progress and providing clear reporting is crucial for successful project delivery.

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  • Project View
  • Multiple Tasks
  • Resource Histogram
  • Multiple Periods
  • Progress Claims
  • BIM Integration

Unique Features


Across all projects using a central database and one-click management reporting. Accessed in real-time via the web or a network. Read more...


Create project plans that deliver on time and on budget with powerful scheduling, baselining, progress, & resourcing tools. Read more...


With easy-to-use tools project managers can be more proactive and remain in control. Read more...


Through the provision of role-based tools designed to maximise team efficiency and reduce your project costs. Read more...


Increase resource utilisation with a sophisticated search facility, allocate the right people for each task based on skills & availability. Read more...


All project updates and changes are automatically visible and can be accessed simultaneously by multi-users, in real-time. Read more...

  • Asta Easyplan is perfect for our site managers, with an easy-to-use interface and excellent wizards.

    Tony McChrystal - Planner
  • We really like Asta Powerproject as a project scheduling software for the Construction industry.

    AJ Williams- Project Controls Specialist
  • Asta Powerproject allows us to add value to our proposal helping us to win many of our contracts.

    Ray Ferguson- Planning Manager
  • Asta Powerproject is used on our production schedules & find it very useful, we can detail house's on a single row.

    Michael Smith- Housing Company

Products & Services

Asta Easyplan

An easy-to-use project planning tool designed specifically for small projects

Asta Easyplan is an easy-to-use planning tool designed specifically for the planning, managing and delivery of smaller projects. Novices and seasoned planners alike will find Asta Easyplan quick and simple to use, with project wizards to take you step-by-step through the planning and management of projects.

Costs and resources can be assigned to each task enabling you to accurately track your project spend, helping you to maximise your profits and control your outgoings.

With Asta Easyplan you can:

  • Draw activities directly onto a bar chart.
  • Link tasks to logical order of activities.
  • Apply duration, resources and progress to activities.
  • Add up to 250 tasks per project.
  • Graphical progress line for accurate progress tracking.
  • Present professional, personalised project plans.
  • Track fixed project costs using cost centres.

Asta Powerproject

More than 60,000 schedulers worldwide rely on Asta Powerproject. Why? It’s easier to use, feature rich, and tailored for construction.

Asta Powerproject is a comprehensive product suite with the flexibility to meet the varying needs of everyone involved in running projects and those who rely on project performance. It is widely relied upon to support project activity, at all levels of complexity, across a broad range of industry sectors. If you need project collaboration in real time for multiple users find out more about our Enterprise solution.

Unlike other software that can only address parts of the construction lifecycle, Asta Powerproject can be relied upon to create a plan and develop it through every stage, giving you one quality software solution for all your project needs.

With Asta Powerproject you can:

  • Quickly create and update precise project schedules.
  • Produce high quality standard and custom reports.
  • Show, analyse and compare unlimited baseline plans.
  • Manage resources, costs and third-party participants.
  • Easily exchange data from Primavera and MS Project.
  • Real-time collaboration with our enterprise solution.
  • Integrate MS Outlook, accounting, BIM & ERP systems.

Asta Powerproject Enterprise

Real time collaboration for multiple users

Asta Powerproject is a proven, powerful multi-user application for managing your portfolio, giving you complete visibility over multiple projects, programmes and resources in real-time.

Keeping track of a portfolio of multiple projects and resources can very quickly become problematic and extremely time consuming when done in silos. With Asta Powerproject Enterprise you can centrally manage all your projects and programmes with optimum efficiency.

With Asta Enterprise you can:

  • Gain wide visibility over multiple projects in real-time.
  • Optimise your project resources.
  • Plan, schedule and proactively control projects.
  • Control costs, income and cash flow across projects.
  • Provide up-to-date reports and dashboard views.
  • Assess risk with ‘what if’ scenarios.
  • Update project progress regardless of location.
This is not a complete reference guide to the functionality of either product. See more...



  • Maximum of 250 tasks
  • Only one view of the project available
  • Max of 10 tasks per line
  • Limited number of histograms
  • User-definable formulas
  • User-defined fields
  • Baselines
  • Multiple critical paths
  • Cost and income rates
  • Multi User Access
  • Time Sheet
  • Site Control
  • Web Access



  • Up to 150,000 tasks
  • Fully editable multiple views
  • Multiple tasks per line
  • Unlimited number of histograms
  • User-definable formulas
  • User-defined fields
  • Unlimited baselines
  • Multiple critical paths
  • Cost and income rates
  • Multi User Access
  • Time Sheet
  • Site Control
  • Web Access



  • Up to 150,000 tasks
  • Fully editable multiple views
  • Multiple tasks per line
  • Unlimited number of histograms
  • User-definable formulas
  • User-defined fields
  • Unlimited baselines
  • Multiple critical paths
  • Cost and income rates
  • Multi User Access
  • Time Sheet
  • Site Control
  • Web Access
* All prices exclude GST, Pricing options on application.

Asta Site Control

Capture events, report progress and improve communication from construction sites

Site Managers and Project Planners are under tremendous pressure of commercial demands every day and their time is extremely valuable. While keeping accurate records and minimising delay disputes are non-avoidable, time-consuming administration and poor controls can be eliminated with the right software.

Asta Sitecontrol is designed specifically for the construction industry, providing comprehensive site management tools which allow you to record, monitor and evaluate the latest activities across individual or multiple sites on a daily basis.

Asta Sitecontrol allows you to track emails, view drawings and plans and has a centralised document management system ensuring site managers have the information they need to stay on track and in control.

With Asta Site Control you can:

  • Reduce administration time and effort
  • Improve communications from site to office
  • Provide an accurate real-time record of events
  • Manage variations and change requests easily
  • Scheduling and reporting of work electronically
  • Tighter control over planned and un-planned costs
  • Report information at any time and from any location

Asta Powerproject BIM

Asta Powerproject BIM will utilise new ELECO BIMCloud to deliver 4D planning capability

This new version of Asta Powerproject, will incorporate BIM features that will enable 4D planning, drive greater collaboration, and deliver communication, time and efficiency benefits. It enables users to link project plans and 3D models in a single, cloud-connected application, and share information between applications using the IFC4 data format.

The introduction of the ELECO BIMCloud will unite its product offerings for the first time and in so doing create a suite of products that will address the increasing demand for best of breed BIM software.

This will enable users to:

  • Generate a master project plan and schedule directly from an IFC4 model
  • Link objects in an IFC4 model to specific tasks in the schedule
  • Create and play a 3D visualisation of a build along its timeline, linked to project milestones and baselines
  • Share and exchange information with compatible applications (including Autodesk Revit, Arcon and Bidcon) via the ELECO BIMCloud
  • Eliminate the difficulty of emailing or FTP transfers of entire BIM project files between parties
  • Maintain a real-time 3D view of the evolving building throughout the project, reflecting changes from model to schedule and vice versa

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